TV Review: Sharp Objects “Fix” S01E03 🔩

There’s just some things in life that can’t be fixed; and sometimes it isn’t your fault.


Camille (right) and Alice (left) at the rehabilitation centre. CREDIT: HBO

This post for Sharp Objects “Fix” contains spoilers.

I’ve been waiting for Sydney Sweeney (Alice) to make her official appearance on Sharp Objects. I don’t remember Alice as a character in the book; and I also can’t remember Camille’s time at the rehab centre being mentioned much. According to Refinery29, Alice plays a bigger role in the TV show than in the book and is a constant reminder to Camille.

In “Fix” (2018), I think it is inherently clear why Alice means so much to Camille; I believe that Camille feels responsible for Alice’s death—though she did make her own decision to commit suicide. This episode featured more flashback scenes of Camille; it showed her time at a rehab centre; and we also got a glimpse at Adora and Alan visiting her when she was there. I believe it hasn’t been long since she was in rehab, as the flashback showed that she got the cracked iPod (which she currently holds onto now) from Alice—who was her roommate in the rehab centre.



Alice is obviously a big influence for present-Camille. Alice was the one who taught her escapism through music and influenced her current music choices because past-Camille said that music isn’t really her thing. It was nice to see Camille happy for once, as she reminiscence about the conversations she had with Alice. When Alice commits suicide and Camille witnesses the aftermath of it all; she finds a loose screw from the toilet seat and carves the words “Fix” on her arm. “Fix” represents Camille’s inability to solve the problems in front of her; she wishes she could fix what has already been done, but she can’t; and self-harm is the only thing she can do to ease herself from the guilt caused by Alice’s death.

Rating: 5/5

Sidenotes on “Fix”:

  • Unlike Big Little Lies, did anyone else notice that the opening credits of Sharp Objects has been using different music for every episode; and all of them has been instrumental music.
  • The portrayal of a rehab centre/mental hospital is so unrealistic because I mean… how can there only be one nurse on duty?
  • Detective Richard finally says something that is such an obvious hint for the show, “9 out of 10 victims knew their killers.”
  • Every time the characters on the show refer to the killer as a man, I just want to laugh.
  • I’m really so happy for Sydney Sweeney and how she has gotten so many roles in different TV shows this year and last year. I first saw her on Everything Sucks! (which was an awful show IMHO); and she just recently appeared on The Handmaid’s Tale.

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