TV Review: Sharp Objects “Closer” S01E05 👒

“Closer” is all about Amma getting the attention she craves.


Adora (Patricia Clarkson), Amma (Eliza Scanlen), and Camille (Amy Adams) (left to right) at a clothing store. CREDIT: HBO

This post for Sharp Objects “Closer” contains minor spoilers.

It is Calhoun Day in Wind Gap, and the town people are invited to celebrate what seems like an offensive fictional holiday at Adora’s front yard. There isn’t any new development for the show’s mystery; but there is new character development for Camille and Amma.

“Closer” (2018) made it clear that Amma is a attention seeker. From the scene at Sarabeth’s For Women clothing store, and the scene at her Calhoun Day performance; it is clear that Amma’s “acting out” is caused by the lack of attention that she craves from Adora. Camille says she’s worried about Amma because she thinks her stepsister is afraid of something.

“She’s scared of something. I think that’s the reason she’s doing what she’s doing.”

– Camille Preaker

I reckon that Amma is afraid of losing the attention from people that she’s close to. It is in Scanlen’s performance that shows how Amma is just a child, who needs a mother’s love.


Adora tucking Amma into bed. CREDIT: HBO

At the clothing store, Amma diverts Adora’s attention from Camille by bringing up Camille’s newly published article about the town’s murder. Amma is smart; she knows that Camille’s involvement in the murder will have her shunned away from Adora, which was why she purposely mentioned the article. At her Calhoun Day performance, a commotion caused by Bob Nash (Will Chase) and John Keene (Taylor John Smith) turns the attention away from Amma; the camera angle is directed from Amma’s point of view, and she sees that Adora has her back turned away from the stage and is focused on the commotion. Amma gets upset and runs away into the forest, and this causes Adora to be tear-streaked and worried for her. Her short disappearance also causes the town people to start a manhunt for her. Who wins at the end of the day? It’s Amma, because she got the attention that she wanted, with Adora tucking her into bed.

Rating: 3/5

Sidenotes on “Closer”:

  • Pa’lante performed by Hurray For The Riff Raff really caught my attention at the end when Camille is in her car and driving to see Detective Richard (Chris Messina). Camille purposely skips the song because the lyricsI just wanna prove my worth on the planet earth and be something” probably mentally affected her.

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