TV Review: Sharp Objects “Cherry” S01E06 🍒

In yet another episode of Sharp Objects, we see more character growth but no story.


Eliza Scanlen stars as Amma Crellin in Sharp Objects. CREDIT: HBO

This post for Sharp Objects “Cherry” contains minor spoilers.

In many ways, this show probably isn’t best suited for an audience member like me, as I’m impatient when it comes to dealing with a slow paced narrative. Sharp Objects, like many other HBO TV series, is good at keeping the audiences waiting.

In “Cherry” (2018), what I’m glad to see is the sister-bonding between Camille (Amy Adams) and Amma (Eliza Scanlen); they got high on drugs and alcohol together, danced together, and roller skated home together. The only thing that was plot progressive for the murder investigation was the discovery of Ann Nash’s bike at the pig farm.

The scene where Amma and Camille held hands and spun around together at the front yard of their Victorian mansion was riveting to watch. As they kept spinning, Amma suggests to Camille to bring her along to St. Louis because she’s dying to get out of Wind Gap—a place that she describes as boring, which is the trigger for her wild tendencies. While Amma is telling Camille all these things as they spin in circles, Camille hallucinates the people who have died—her friend Alice; the two murdered victims Ann and Natalie Keene; her younger sister Marian. As those dead girls flash through Camille’s mind, she lets go of Amma and they both fall on the ground. “I thought you liked it rough.” is what Amma says to Camille after they fall. Camille doesn’t say anything. Amma suggests to Camille to sleep in the same bed tonight, but Camille who is overwhelmed by her imagination of the dead girls says no; she changes her mind after Amma grumpily stood up and runs towards the house.

The way this scene was edited and cut illustrated the different people who have died and how their deaths have impacted Camille. It shows the budding relationship between the step-sisters and how Camille is reminded of her teenage days when Marian was still alive. I reckon that the reason why Camille thought of the four dead girls while holding hands with Amma is because she feels responsible for their deaths, and she’s afraid that Amma might end up like one of them if she were to take Amma along with her. Camille sees herself as damaged, and after Adora (Patricia Clarkson) describes her to be “dangerous”, Camille probably can’t shake that thought out of her mind.

Rating: 4/5

Sidenotes on “Cherry”:

  • Alan (Henry Czerny) is a prisoner in his own home and I wish the relationship between him and Adora can be explored more.
  • Detective Richard (Chris Messina) is so comfortable with his body in front of Camille and he’s definitely curious why Camille is afraid of showing skin. The morning after they had sex, he even asks her, “you slept in your clothes?”. I guess that was what prompted him to “investigate” her past.
  • TWO more episodes!!!
  • I can’t wait for next week’s episode, I think they’re going to reveal how Marian died.

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