Movie Review: Game Over, Man! 🤵🏻🔫

A ridiculous action-comedy that was apparently inspired by Die Hard.


From left to right: Blake Anderson stars as Joel, Anders Holm stars as Darren, and Adam DeVine stars as Alexxx. CREDIT: Netflix

This post for Game Over, Man! is spoiler-free.

I don’t know what came over me to watch Game Over, Man! (2018, directed by Kyle Newacheck) over the weekend, even though it came out months ago. This movie has been on my to watch list for a long time, but Adam DeVine’s face is such a turn-off that I’ve put off watching it, until now.

Game Over, Man! follows the trio Alexxx (DeVine), Darren (Anders Holm), and Joel (Blake Anderson), who work as housekeepers at a hotel. On the night they are working, they get caught in a middle of a terrorist invasion at the hotel, in which they attempt to be the big heroes of the day and try to save all the hostages.

No one told me how gruesome this movie was going to be. There was a lot of blood, gore, explosions, decapitation and dick. When DeVine pulled his dick out in one particular scene, I was shocked because I wasn’t expecting that shit. All I was thinking is whether is this real or CGI? But it is indeed, very real. I think that 5 minute-ish scene of him walking around butt naked actually helped to complement the stupidity of his character—making him an object of ridicule for audiences.

Game Over, Man! is ridiculous on so many levels; from it’s nonsensical plot, to its overly try hard to be funny characters, and mindless action sequences. I mean who vapes in the middle of a crisis? How can there be no consequences after they killed a bunch of people? How can a movie be six years in the making, but have a final product that consisted of distasteful and subpar jokes? It seems like what this movie succeeds in doing is using its actors/characters as a device to be the laughing stock.

Apparently Game Over, Man! is going to get a sequelGame Overboard—as it was teased at the end of the movie right before the credits started rolling. Can Netflix please make a sequel for To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before first, before investing in a moronic comedy that the world doesn’t need to see. I mean you can probably just rewatch all three parts of The Hangover franchise or something to get a fulfilling comedy experience.

I’m not surprised that this movie landed on a streaming platform instead of screening at the theatres, because only Netflix would pay to secure the distribution rights for a movie that would turn out to be a literal joke. Let’s be honest here, Netflix hasn’t been that successful in their original film department; it seems like at this moment as I’m writing this review, the platform has only proven to be capable of producing successful rom-coms. I’m sure that I’ve overlooked other genres of movies produced by Netflix that can be considered as good, but the ones that have been getting mainstream media attention are their rom-coms and I’m definitely right about this.

Rating: 2/5


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