Movie Review: Johnny English Strikes Again 🕺🏻

If being a spy is as easy as how Johnny English does it, then I want in.


Rowan Atkinson stars as the titular spy role in Johnny English Strikes Again. CREDIT: Universal Pictures

This post for Johnny English Strikes Again is spoiler-free.

Johnny English Strikes Again (2018, directed by David Kerr) is the third movie in the Johnny English franchise. This third instalment shows Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) coming out from retirement and going back into the field as a British spy, where his mission is to hunt down the hacker who is responsible for a series of cyber attacks in London.

The plot of this movie felt reminiscent of the first Kingsman movie, where an evil villain also uses technology to try and conquer the world. The premise in Johnny English Strikes Again is very simple and uncomplicated; the script is clearly written to depict the course of actions taken by Johnny in the movie. When you see the British spy going somewhere or doing something ridiculous, it’s because it was written that way.

What makes me disregard the subpar plot is Atkinson, who is a comedic act that never fails to make the audiences burst out into laughter. His slapstick comedy style—which is present at certain scenes of the movie—is an absolute joy to watch. It truly reminded me of the iconic Mr. Bean TV series, where actions—rather than words—were used to create comedy.

As a character that the country is suppose to rely on for saving, Johnny isn’t exactly a role model for being a spy. Most of his actions in the movie that shows him getting the spy job done is triggered by pure luck. If being a spy required minimal talent, then I’m sure anyone can be one.

For a movie that was clearly made to poke fun at the James Bond franchise, or even the Mission Impossible franchise; Johnny English Strikes Again lacked the action sequences to make it qualify as an authentic action movie. The movie’s action scenes were most often used as a device to make the movie funnier, which I was absolutely okay with.

Also, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the score—composed by Howard Goodall—of this movie. There is a particular Johnny English leitmotif that repeats consistently during mission scenes in the movie, but I can’t find it anywhere online as I don’t think the full score soundtrack is out yet. You can take a listen of a sample score below, it’s really amazing!

I would recommend you to watch this movie if you’re seeking a good comedy. Just remember that when you’re going to watch it, don’t expect an action movie, instead look forward to laughing because that’s what’s going to happen throughout your viewing.

Rating: 4/5

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