Movie Review: Aquaman 🌊🤴🏼🔱

Spectacular, stunning, and absolutely amazeballs.


Jason Momoa is Aquaman in DC’s Aquaman. CREDIT: Warner Bros.

This post for Aquaman is spoiler-free.

After the disappointing Justice League last year, I’m so excited that the DC Universe is back on track with creating great comic book movie adaptations with Aquaman (2018, directed by James Wan). Aquaman depicts the origin story of Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) and his journey to becoming the true king of the aquatic kingdom called Atlantis.

Having watched the five-minute long extended Aquaman trailer in October, I was absolutely pumped to catch the movie in cinemas when it came out. And so here I am now ready to write out a raving review for Aquaman.

First off, even though Jason Momoa seems to be channeling his real life persona in the role of Aquaman/Arthur; I feel that Momoa did an excellent job in scenes that required him to be serious. This goes to show that he is indeed a great actor who can charm the socks off the audiences because Arthur has some really hilarious lines in the movie, and some of which really showcases the playful personality of Arthur.

The makeup and hair department really did a great job with Arthur’s body tattoos and Princess Mera’s (Amber Heard) red wig. I was so impressed with how realistic Arthur’s tattoos looked in the movie, and even more amazed at how the makeup team replicated Momoa’s real left forearm tattoo design onto the rest of his body.

As for Mera’s gorgeous red hair, Heard is definitely wearing different wigs for different scenes, but the way her wig comes across on camera looks so stunning and real. Everything from head to toe on Heard in every scene that she appears in—whether it’s land or underwater—looks absolutely gorgeous and HOT! I just can’t get over how good she looks!


Amber Heard stars as Princess Mera in DC’s Aquaman. CREDIT: Warner Bros.

Aside from the really well done hair and makeup, the special effects and action sequences in Aquaman were out of this world. Of course, there are certain scenes—like the Sahara desert—that looks really green screened, and some sea creatures that look really artificial—I mean… they are indeed fake—but on the whole, Aquaman put on a terrific special effects show, and I think it is honestly one of the best visually stunning movies I’ve watched in 2018. My favourite special effects scene would definitely be the ones where Mera used her hydrokinesis power to its full potential—that was really f*cking cool!

The great number of action-packed sequences were also such a thrill to watch. There were a couple that featured one long take; one of it was at the very beginning of the movie with Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman), and the other was in the second-act in Italy. I believe there are more awesome fight sequences—maybe even long takes—but the ones I mentioned are the obvious standouts.

Aquaman’s screenplay isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but everything about it works well as a first standalone movie for Aquaman. Even though Aquaman has a runtime of almost 2.5 hours, the duration felt right for a movie like this—and I highly recommend everyone to see it in theatres because I can’t imagine watching something so good at home.

Rating: 5/5


  1. Damn, I’m so hyped to watch the movie now. I never knew Amber Heard had to wear so many different wigs, that’s super cool. Awesome review!!

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