Movie Review: Alita: Battle Angel 😇

Alita: Battle Angel is an impressive display of CGI spectacle with its many well-coordinated action sequences.

alita battle angel_1.jpg

Rosa Salazar stars as Alita in Alita: Battle Angel. CREDIT: 20th Century Fox

This post for Alita: Battle Angel is spoiler-free.

Set in a dystopian era of the 26th century, Alita: Battle Angel (2019, directed by Robert Rodriguez) follows the story of the 300-year-old cyborg warrior named Alita “99” (Rosa Salazar), who is on a quest to rediscover her lost memories and figure out who she used to be.

Like many other recent dystopian and superhero Hollywood movies, Alita is the heroine with the virtuous attitude; she is the saviour who tries to do everything right. Witty and sometimes sharp tongued, Alita feels like a girl who is a newborn to Iron City. She rediscovers all the foods she has missed, and all the battle moves that she hasn’t practised in a while.

Even though Alita is completely created from motion capture movements and special effects, the character feels completely real. Full credit has to go to Salazar who did a terrific job capturing Alita’s movements and voice acting.

There are plenty of action scenes in Alita that will leave audiences feeling astounded, but what degrades the quality of this movie is the cliché love story build-up between Alita and Hugo (Keean Johnson). Hugo’s character development is so poorly written that right from the get-go, audiences are able to predict his entire character backstory—it’s as if he was literally created to be a supporting male lead for Alita as she fights her battles.

Alita seems to be aiming for a sequel, but judging by its US opening weekend box office tracking numbers—the chances of a sequel are slim. Alita is definitely worth watching in theatres for its spectacular special effects, but be sure to set your expectations low for its story.

Rating: 3/5


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