Movie Review: Isn’t It Romantic 🥀❤️

Isn’t It Romantic takes all the common rom-com tropes from popular movies to make one big romantic comedy.


Rebel Wilson (left) and Liam Hemsworth (right) star in Isn’t It Romantic. CREDIT: Warner Bros.

This post for Isn’t It Romantic contains spoilers, but TBH spoilers don’t really mean anything for rom-coms.

If a comic book movie such as Deadpool can be self-aware, then Isn’t It Romantic (2019, directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson) is that kind of movie for the rom-com genre—a genre which was dead for several years before having a comeback last year, thanks to Netflix. Isn’t It Romantic is a meta romantic comedy that references all the cliché rom-com tropes to form one big movie. The movie follows the cynical romantic architect Natalie (Rebel Wilson) who gets mugged at a subway station one day, and wakes up to the realisation that she’s in her worst nightmare—a romantic comedy.

Isn’t It Romantic was released theatrically on Valentine’s Day in the United States, and internationally on Netflix two weeks after the romantic holiday. I think it was incredibly clever to release the movie on Netflix as opposed to an international theatrical release, but either way, I would have paid to watch it in theatres because that’s what I like to do.

I can’t help but compare Isn’t It Romantic to last year’s I Feel Pretty, as both movies have the same important message, which is self-love and self-acceptance. “Just to be clear, Josh does not complete me. I complete myself.” – Natalie For Isn’t It Romantic, the message isn’t clear until it’s revealed at the end by Natalie, where she comes to the realisation that her own rom-com nightmare will end only when she loves herself and not when she ends up with the right guy. But whereas in I Feel Pretty, which stars Amy Schumer, the message is conveyed throughout the movie.

Without its self-love plot twist at the end of the movie, most audiences (like me) would probably assume that Isn’t It Romantic is just another rom-com about a guy and a girl, Natalie and Josh (Adam DeVine), getting together—which in a way, it totally still is.

I think Isn’t It Romantic is entertaining and fun to watch. Wilson’s Natalie delivers some of the funniest lines in the movie. There’s also the mandatory role of a beguiling handsome rich millionaire named Blake (Liam Hemsworth)—who uses the word “beguiling” an awful lot—and there’s the other mandatory role of a sexy hot supermodel named Isabella (Priyanka Chopra); both personas are essentially the good looking characters that everyone wishes they could look like.

The song choice of A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton is very fitting for a movie that is referencing rom-coms. Carlton’s song is practically an anthem for rom-coms, and Isn’t It Romantic makes damn sure that if you didn’t previously know of this song before—how could anyone not know?!—you would know it by heart ❤️ now, as I believe it’s played in three different scenes in the movie.

Isn’t It Romantic is a fun romantic comedy for anyone to watch, but of course if you only watch serious movies, then you should probably give this a miss and watch Roma on Netflix instead.

Rating: 4/5

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