Movie Review: Unicorn Store 🦄✨

Unicorn Store is a whole lot of fluff about unicorns and glitter.


Brie Larson stars as Kit in the Unicorn Store. CREDIT: Netflix

This post for Unicorn Store is spoiler-free.

Unicorn Store (2019, directed by Brie Larson) originally premiered in 2017 and was recently released by Netflix in 2019; it follows the story of Kit (Larson), a struggling artist who one day receives a mysterious letter that would fulfil her childhood dreams.

With all eyes on Larson following her Captain Marvel fame, one has to wonder why Netflix decided to acquire the distribution rights for Unicorn Store two years after its premiere—is it because of Larson’s popularity, or did the streaming giant genuinely wanted to spread awareness about a film that gushes about glitter?

For a film that is clearly childlike and innocent, its overarching message about owning one’s creative voice and pursuing one’s dreams is sincere and earnest. In Unicorn Store, audiences get to see Kit come to terms with adulthood, let go of her whimsical self and learn to take on new relationships.

With stunning visuals that complements the film, Larson does a fine job in directing her first feature. And with the addition of Samuel L. Jackson as The Salesman, Joan Cusack and Bradley Whitford as Kit’s parents—Unicorn Store has all the elements that makes it a watchable film, albeit Samantha McIntyre’s screenplay for the film does have issues in conveying a fresh and well-developed story.

Unicorn Store isn’t a must-watch, but it’s worthwhile to check it out since you’re probably paying for Netflix indefinitely.

Rating: 3/5

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