Movie Review: The Last Summer ☀️⛱️

It’s literally a movie about the last summer for a bunch of high school graduates.


Maia Mitchell (left) and KJ Apa (right) respectively star as Phoebe and Griffin in The Last Summer. CREDIT: Netflix

This post for The Last Summer is spoiler-free.

The Last Summer (2019, directed by William Bindley) is like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve, but instead, it is set during summer holidays before a bunch of high school graduates enter college.

There’s nothing new or exciting about The Last Summer, apart from the ensemble cast which consists of Riverdale’s KJ Apa, Good Trouble’s Maia Mitchell, Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey, and more.

Netflix subscribers are definitely better off watching other rom-coms or coming-of-age stories that are available on the platform. An hour-and-a-half of watching Rachel McAdams be the Queen Bee in Mean Girls is better than watching whatever unoriginal and subpar story that is featured in The Last Summer.

This movie lacks substance and material to let it stand out from other teen movies. And that makes me wonder why Netflix even bothers investing in such trashy teen movies—is the streaming giant only after guaranteed ratings?

With Netflix putting so much time and effort in promoting this teen movie, all I want to ask is why? If Netflix had put in half as much time in creating promotional materials for their original TV programmes, then perhaps they wouldn’t be cancelled. Dead to Me was released on the same day (3 May) as The Last Summer, but since its release, there have been no featured posts (apart from the trailer) about the show on Netflix’s official Instagram (though Netflix’s Twitter does tweet about the show), which boasts over 14 million followers. I’m also starting to wonder if their Instagram account is ageist, as content from the past couple of months has only featured young actors, with the exception of one or two posts.

Rating: 2/5

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