TV Review: Jessica Jones Season 3 😼💢

In the third and final season of Jessica Jones, “closure” is evidently missing from this entire series.


Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica Jones in Marvel’s Jessica Jones. CREDIT: Netflix

This post for Jessica Jones Season 3 contains spoilers.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones (2015-2019, created by Melissa Rosenberg) marks the end of all live-action Marvel programming on Netflix. In its final season that was released on Friday (14 June), Jessica Jones Season 3 debates about justice and morality. It also introduces a new villain called Gregory Sallinger (Jeremy Bobb) for Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) to take on and explores Patricia “Trish” Walker’s (Rachael Taylor) journey to becoming Hellcat.

This season swiftly continues on the storyline from Season 2, where we last saw Jessica and Trish leaving things on bad terms. New characters are introduced in this 13-episode season, with Jessica having a new powered love interest named Erik Gelden (Benjamin Walker), who plays a significant role in Season 3.

The pacing of this season only picks up from “A.K.A Customer Service is Standing By” (S03E04) onwards, where the highly intelligent serial killer Sallinger provokes Jessica. Other side plots such as Jeri Hogarth’s (Carrie-Anne Moss) private love life gets thrown into the mix, which I personally found to be mildly interesting, but it’s necessary for it to be told as Jeri’s involvement is linked to the latter part of this season.

The supporting characters on Jessica Jones have had the most significant shift in character arcs throughout the three seasons. For Trish, a character whom I personally loved in Season 1, has now transformed from being a “vapid dumb blonde” into a monstrous vigilante similar to Oliver Queen from The CW’s Arrow. For Malcolm Ducasse (Eka Darville), who is a drug addict turned private investigator, he now needs to review his life choices and moral ethics. For Jeri, she remains as despicable and selfish as she has always been in all three seasons—“Insane. Sickening. Rage inducing.” was exactly how I felt about Jeri this season.

Jessica Jones Season 3 also depicts one of the most shocking twists I have ever seen. In “A.K.A Camera Friendly” (S03E08), Trish’s mother Dorothy (Rebecca De Mornay) suffers an incredibly tragic death that no one could have seen coming. The performance by Taylor in that episode when she found her dead mother was incredibly powerful and heartbreaking to watch. Additionally, things in the show start to shift and the narrative switches to a Trish versus Jessica showdown in the final four episodes. The two sisters physically fight over each other’s moral compass and ultimately, Jessica has to make a hard choice about what to do with Trish.

I felt that the open-ended ending of Jessica Jones brought me no closure as a fan of the series. What happens to Trish and Jessica’s relationship now that Trish has gone to The Raft for all the murders she has committed? What is Jessica going to do now that she has decided to remain in New York City? Knowing that this series won’t ever continue on (unless Disney/Marvel reboots their own version or continues the franchise on the Disney+ platform), I’m unsatisfied by the ending that I got as I still have questions. Even the two special cameos by Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Kilgrave (David Tennant) in the finale cannot make up for the ending of the show.

But even though I didn’t like how the series ended, Season 3 felt better paced than Season 2. It also utilised the supporting characters perfectly by expanding on why they do the shit that they do. This season saw two episodes (“A.K.A You’re Welcome” S03E02 and “A.K.A Hellcat” S03E11) being told from Trish’s point of view, which certainly helped to ease the hate that I had for the character after what she did in Season 2. Through these episodes, I also begin to understand her beliefs and her actions this season, which was something that was never addressed previously.

Other notable things this season is that Jessica has a new assistant called Gillian, who is played by trans actress Aneesh Sheth. Gillian is absolutely hilarious with her snide comments; she’s certainly a nice addition to Season 3 amidst all the chaos that happens. It was also nice to see Detective Costa (John Ventimiglia) appear for quite a bit this season, as his scenes with Jessica are always nice to watch. Also unrelated to the show’s story is the fact that Krysten Ritter made her directorial debut this season by directing “A.K.A You’re Welcome”.

I can only hope that Jessica Jones can have a reboot or continue on with its original cast sometime in the future on another network. It feels like this series still has more to say, and I’m not ready to say goodbye as a fan.

Rating: 4/5

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