TV Review: No Good Nick Part 2 🐀🍕

No Good Nick returns with some much-needed answers for its audiences.


Sean Astin (left) and Melissa Joan Hart (right) respectively star as Ed and Liz in No Good Nick. CREDIT: Netflix

This post for No Good Nick Part 2 contains spoilers.

No Good Nick (2019, created by Keetgi Kogan and David H. Steinberg) returned on Monday (August 5) with another 10 episodes of cons and scams, pulled off by the titular character Nicole “Nick” Patterson (Siena Agudong).

Previously in Part 1 of No Good Nick, the Thompson family had yet to find out the truth about Nick Patterson Franzelli and how she’s actually the daughter of the rival Italian restaurant across the street, which the entire family helped takedown. In Part 2, all lies and motives are revealed in two specific episodes.

In “The Italian Job” (P2E5), a flashback episode revealed the true nature of Nick’s plans against the Thompson’s. Liz (Melissa Joan Hart) had just opened Crescendo and she wanted to take out the only other Italian restaurant (Franzelli’s) that was getting in her way of business; she copied their menu and undercut their prices. Ed (Sean Astin) refused to approve a business bank loan for Nick’s father Tony (Eddie McClintock), thus causing Franzelli’s to be unable to stay afloat. Jeremy (Kalama Epstein) stole the box of “grand reopening” flyers that Nick and Tony were giving out at a parking lot, thus causing no one to turn up at their restaurant’s reopening. Molly (Lauren Lindsey Donzis) and the Volunteer Squad wrote a bunch of fake Yelp reviews for Franzelli’s, thus causing their business to plummet.


Will aka “Shawn Mendes lookalike”. CREDIT: Netflix

Part 2 also introduced a new character named Will (Anthony Turpel), who is basically a “Shawn Mendes lookalike”. Will serves as a love interest for Nick, but his character actually has an ulterior motive. He only recurs in a few episodes and doesn’t stand out as much because his character has little to do in Part 2. I think the character that left an impression in Part 2 would be Jeremy, as it was revealed in “The Big Mitt” (P2E2) and “The Box Job” (P2E9) that his character is gay. In the latter episode, Jeremy had a coming out scene that was not only lighthearted, realistic and touching, but the best part of it is that his family was supportive and loving—which I believe that this should be the case for all coming out scenarios in real life.

No Good Nick may not be on par with other (more mature) sitcoms in terms of quality, but the series is still pretty solid seeing that one can never go wrong with Astin and Hart in a TV show. Epstein and Donzis, who stars as their privileged kids, are also natural in their roles. Perhaps, the weakest link in the series would be Agudong, as IMHO she tends to overact in certain scenes.

A Part 3 of the series is not confirmed yet, but one of the showrunners, Steinberg has tweeted out that “getting a show renewed at Netflix 100% depends on word of mouth”. So, I would urge anyone to watch No Good Nick Part 1 and Part 2 on Netflix now because the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

Rating: 4/5

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