Movie Review: The Divine Fury 사자 ⛪👹

The Divine Fury (사자) is a supernatural action horror movie that fails at telling a captivating story.


Ahn Sung-ki (left) and Park Seo-joon (right) star in The Divine Fury (사자). CREDIT: Lotte Entertainment

This post for The Divine Fury (사자) is spoiler-free.

Throughout the over two-hour long runtime, The Divine Fury (2019, directed by James Kim) uses religion and demons to create a movie about the “devil” and the “angel”. With the main story focusing on Park Yong-hoo (Park Seo-joon), the movie starts off with the past before jumping 20 years into the future, where Yong-hoo is now an MMA fighter champion, who teams up with an exorcist named Father Ahn (Ahn Sung-ki) to fight demons.

The Divine Fury is deeply rooted in religious metaphors, but what it fails to do—is depict an inspiring story. The action-horror movie featured too many unnecessary scenes, which did not aid in the overall storytelling. The motivation behind certain plot points (such as Yong-hoo becoming an MMA fighter) is also unexplained, which makes the writing of the movie feel lazy.

And while the movie featured realistic-looking demons and semi-impressive action sequences, the highlight of it all for me would be watching Park kick ass on-screen and look hot while doing so. Furthermore, despite being categorised in the horror genre, The Divine Fury is low on the scare metre.

A post-credits scene at the end hinted that The Divine Fury will continue on with a sequel titled The Green Exorcist, which will likely feature one of the supporting characters (no spoilers!) as the lead. I’m doubtful that Park will return as the main cast in the sequel, but perhaps a cameo might take place.

If you love movies with a religious-centric plot that features demons, or if you love movies with Park Seo-joon—please give The Divine Fury a chance, it will definitely be worth your time.

Rating: 3/5

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