Movie Review: Charlie’s Angels (2019) 😇

The revival of the Charlie’s Angels franchise brings forth a new feminist-centric plot.


From left to right: Kristen Stewart stars as Sabina Wilson, Ella Balinska stars as Jane Kano and Naomi Scott stars as Elena Houghlin in Charlie’s Angels (2019). CREDIT: Sony Pictures

This post for Charlie’s Angels (2019) is spoiler-free.

Charlie’s Angels (2019, written and directed by Elizabeth Banks) introduces a cast of new, young and fresh angels—with Kristen Stewart being the most familiar face, Naomi Scott who is high off her Aladdin (2019) fame, and introducing Ella Balinska into the Hollywood industry. This reboot follows Sabina (Stewart), Jane (Balinska) and Elena (Scott), as they go on a European chase to stop the bad guys from weaponising a device called “Calisto”.

The movie was very action-packed and filled with many fight scenes that depicted women kicking asses. It seemed like director Banks wanted to make this continuation of the Charlie’s Angels franchise a feminist-themed movie—where women are portrayed as strong independent individuals who support one another, instead of depicting them as overly sexualised female agents.

All three women did an excellent job in assuming the roles of female agents, especially Stewart who took on a fun and carefree persona as Sabina, which is unlike any character I’ve seen her portray on-screen before, thus making her performance extremely refreshing to watch. Balinska, whose work I’m completely unfamiliar with, was impressive in her role as Jane, as she showed that she was capable of kicking asses and being the most serious agent amongst the three. Scott, who is the newbie agent in the team, had plenty of scenes where she becomes the butt of the joke as she is thrown into the world of being an “Angel”.

This new version of Charlie’s Angels was an entertaining movie to watch, but that’s about it—just pure entertainment. Furthermore, the movie’s runtime was a tad long and could have been much shorter. I believe Banks has plans to make this franchise her new “Pitch Perfect”, seeing that there are six end-credits scenes for this movie—but with the box office numbers being so low, the possibility of that happening doesn’t seem positive.

Rating: 3/5


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