TV Review: Dead to Me Season 2 🌲❤️

Dead to Me returns with an emotionally filled second season of guilt, grief and gratitude.


Christina Applegate (left) and Linda Cardellini (right) respectively star as Jennifer “Jen” Harding and Judy Hale in Dead to Me. CREDIT: Netflix

This post for Dead to Me Season 2 contains spoilers.

Dead to Me returns with a Season 2 (2020, created by Liz Feldman) where things pick up immediately from where Season 1 left off. Last season ended off with Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) killing Judy Hale’s (Linda Cardellini) ex-fiancé Steve Wood (James Marsden), and Season 2 shows audiences how Jen and Judy are coping with his death and covering up their own involvement in the crime.

The tables have turned in this season with Jen being the one who is remorseful towards Judy, as she murdered her ex-fiancé, not by accident. Her anger and loss of control were what made her attacked him, and that is strikingly different from how Judy accidentally killed Jen’s husband in a hit and run. It’s all very twisted how the pair still end up being besties, despite learning the truth about each other’s actions. 

Both Jen and Judy are emotionally charged this season, as their characters are hit with many stressful and frightening moments. It’s exciting to watch Jen and Judy on-screen together because the dynamic duo Applegate and Cardellini gives off amazing chemistry in every scene that they are in. Jen is angry and scared this season and in contrast to Judy’s woo-woo personality—both of them continue to be best friends and play off on each other’s emotions.

Like Season 1, Dead to Me entraps audiences into binge-watching the entirety of it hours after its premiere by ending certain episodes with twists—the one in episode six was the absolute best. The ten-episode Season 2 is a little slow at times and only picks up its pace towards the end, where audiences will find that everything just happens to work out in the duo’s favour. 

Recurring characters like Michelle (Natalie Morales) are added in this season. Morales, who played a lesbian cop in Santa Clarita Diet, and was seemingly gone for most of Season 3 of that show enters Dead to Me as a love interest to Judy. Her character gave the show a much needed LGBT zest that audiences were never going to see with Jen and Judy, though at times, there were clear signs that their friendship might cross over to lesbian territory. But just like how Morales’ character ended up in Santa Clarita Diet, Michelle was gone in the latter half of Season 2.

The ending of Season 2 makes audiences beg for more answers, with the finale episode ending dubiously. I’m curious to see where Feldman will take the show to and I’m also wondering how long from the show’s premiere date is Netflix going to give this series an official Season 3 renewal? Maybe two to four weeks? I’ll update when it’s official. 🙂

Rating: 4/5

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