TV Review: Cursed Season 1 🧙🏻‍♂️⚔️

Cursed is an underwhelming television series that fails to live up to expectations.


Katherine Langford stars as Nimue in Cursed. CREDIT: Netflix

This post for Cursed Season 1 is spoiler-free.

For a series that was overhyped, Cursed (Season 1, created by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler), which is based on the book of the same name, was extremely disappointing. With ten episodes in total, the series is a reimagination of an Arthurian legend that follows the story of Nimue (Katherine Langford), a Fey kind “witch”, who is on a quest to fulfil her mother’s dying wish of delivering a mystical ancient sword to a legendary wizard named Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård).

I’m not particularly familiar with Arthurian legends and its specific character backstories. In fact, the only mainstream fantasy period drama I’ve ever watched is probably Game of Thrones and I can say for certain that Cursed does not come close to it. The latter’s writing is uninspired and lacks purpose. Throughout the entirety of its first season, many characters were underwritten and the ten episodes were not used wisely to flesh out backstories. Instead, teasers for individual backstories were left at the end of the show only for viewers to anticipate it in an unconfirmed sequel.

Langford, who was widely used in pre-publicity materials for the series, is weak in Cursed as her character lacks depth. Perhaps, one might appreciate her work in 13 Reasons Why more, as she plays the character of a high school teenager better than an indecisive and stubborn queen.


Billy Jenkins (left) stars as Squirrel and Emily Coates (right) stars as Sister Iris in Cursed. CREDIT: Netflix

I can’t say that any of the characters on the show were impressionable apart from supporting roles like Squirrel (Billy Jenkins) and Sister Iris (Emily Coate). Both the young actors who portray their respective characters did the best they could with little that was given. Other characters like Weeping Monk (Daniel Sharman) and Arthur (Devon Terrell) were impressive in their swordsmanship, but again, both characters, especially the former, were not fully developed this season.

Cursed is slow in pace, but it excels in delivering stunning visuals and an odd choice of scene transitions, like a page out of a magical storybook. Although some scenes certainly came across as CGI-ed, the setting of the show was certainly out of this world. Only watch this show if you really love Arthurian legends or Katherine Langford.

Rating: 2/5

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