About Me

My name is Tracy; I was born and bred in Singapore. I’m a huge TV junkie and movie buff, which is why I decided to start a screen blog to write about what I watch. Studying about screen, TV and cinema in university was another main reason why I wanted to blog about what I watch, as I hope to put what I’ve learnt at university into use by (sometimes) writing critical analyses of the shows that I love.

For my screen blog, the reviews always start with the title of the TV series or movie plus emojis, followed by a one sentence subheading that kind of sums up the reviewed title. I always use an image after the subheading, followed by giving a spoiler warning for readers. Some reviews can be long and in-depth, while some can be short and sweet—it depends on how much I want to discuss. I end each review off with an out-of-five rating scale, and I never ever give out 0.5 ratings—this is just a rule that I like to follow. Also sidenote: I love rom-coms and any movies set in high school, so I might be biased towards these particular genres.

If you have any inquiries, freelance writing and reviewing jobs, or you just want to chat—feel free to reach out via the contact me page. And if you’d like to support my content through a one-time donation, please click here.