Movie Review: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding 👰🏼🤴🏼💍

Don’t be fooled by the title of A Christmas Prince’s sequel because this movie is something else.

Rose McIver (left) and Ben Lamb (right) respectively reprise their roles as Amber Moore and King Richard in A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. CREDIT: Netflix

This post for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding contains spoilers.

As the title of the sequel suggests, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2018, directed by John Schultz) takes place a year after the journalist turned blogger Amber Moore (Rose McIver) fell in love with King Richard (Ben Lamb) of Aldovia. As they prep for their royal wedding, the Queen-to-be Amber finds herself struggling with losing her own identity and voice to the crown.

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Movie Review: A Christmas Prince 🎄🤴🏼

A surprisingly great Christmas movie from Netflix.


Ben Lamb (left) stars as Prince Richard, and Rose McIver (right) stars as journalist Amber Moore in A Christmas Prince. CREDIT: Netflix

This post for A Christmas Prince contains spoilers.

Last year’s A Christmas Prince (2017, directed by Alex Zamm) seems to be a better Christmas movie to watch as compared to the recent Netflix releases such as The Princess Switch. This Netflix holiday movie follows Amber Moore (Rose McIver) who is assigned to cover the coronation in the fictional country Aldovia, where Prince Richard (Ben Lamb) is set to take his late father’s place as the King.

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Movie Review: The Princess Switch 👸🏻

The Princess Switch proves that holiday movies are cliché at best.

Vanessa Hudgens stars as a Chicago baker Stacy De Novo (left) and Lady Margaret (right) in The Princess Switch. CREDIT: Netflix

This post for The Princess Switch contains spoilers.

It seems like Netflix has ran out of ideas for holiday movies, or perhaps most holiday movies are cliché. As the title of the movie suggests, The Princess Switch (2018, directed by Mike Rohl) is about a princess being switched out of her royal position with a doppelgänger (both played by Vanessa Hudgens), where both ladies fall in love with the men in one another’s life.

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