TV Review: Sharp Objects “Fix” S01E03 🔩

There’s just some things in life that can’t be fixed; and sometimes it isn’t your fault.


Camille (right) and Alice (left) at the rehabilitation centre. CREDIT: HBO

This post for Sharp Objects “Fix” contains spoilers.

I’ve been waiting for Sydney Sweeney (Alice) to make her official appearance on Sharp Objects. I don’t remember Alice as a character in the book; and I also can’t remember Camille’s time at the rehab centre being mentioned much. According to Refinery29, Alice plays a bigger role in the TV show than in the book and is a constant reminder to Camille.

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TV Review: Sharp Objects “Dirt” S01E02 ⚰️

Old habits die hard for Camille Preaker.



This post for Sharp Objects “Dirt” contains spoilers.

As I have read the original novel by Gillian Flynn, I’m getting a little impatient waiting to see what’s going to happen next in this TV series. “Dirt” (2018) focuses on the aftermath of Natalie Keene’s death and shows how the town is grieving with their loss; Camille continues on with her investigation and finds information that the police has overlooked.

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TV Review: Sharp Objects “Vanish” S01E01 🗒️

Finally! A new Jean-Marc Vallée TV project that I’ve been patiently waiting for!


Credit: HBO

This post for Sharp Objects “Vanish” contains spoilers.

I can’t lie, but the only reason why I’m psyched for this series is because of Vallée; and also mainly because I’ve read the book by Gillian Flynn, and am excited to see what the pages are going to be like on screen. I’ve only been acquainted to Vallée’s work because of last year’s Big Little Lies. I’m stoked to see that he has worked with the same cinematographer Yves Bélanger for Sharp Objects—a series which involves a murder mystery in the quiet town of Wind Gap.

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