All the times “Praise Satan” and “Hail Satan” was said in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 😈

Surprisingly, the phrase “Praise Satan” appeared less frequently than I expected, so I’ve decided to include the phrase “Hail Satan” as well. So here are all the times these phrases has been said on the show.


This post for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina contains spoilers.

“Chapter One: October Country” (S01E01)

When Aunt Zelda was thankful that someone died:

aunt zelda_s01e01_praise satan.gif

Her face screams, “I’m devoted to Satan!”. CREDIT: Netflix

When both Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda were glad that Sabrina is still a virgin:

aunties_s01e01_praise satan.gif

No! Harvey will never defile Sabrina—he’s too pure! CREDIT: Netflix

“Chapter Three: The Trial of Sabrina Spellman” (S01E03)

When everyone in the court praised Satan:

aunt hilda_s01e03_praise satan.gif

In the courts of Satan, we only praise him. CREDIT: Netflix

When Aunt Zelda was happy that the Dark Lord is showing mercy to them:

aunt zelda_s01e03_praise satan sabrina

Aunt Zelda really loves her Satan. CREDIT: Netflix

When Aunt Zelda thanked Satan that she was young again:

aunt zelda_s01e03_praise satan.gif

And she’s young again, forever! CREDIT: Netflix

“Chapter Six: An Exorcism in Greendale” (S01E06)

When the Father Blackwood was thankful that Satan kept his child safe:

high priest_s01e06_praise satan

No more miscarriages for Lady Blackwood. CREDIT: Netflix

“Chapter Seven: Feast of Feasts” (S01E07)

When Aunt Hilda says we should just Praise Satan that Sabrina wasn’t picked as Queen of the Feast:

aunt hilda_s01e07_let's just praise satan.gif

Hear, hear! CREDIT: Netflix

When a random witch killed herself to honour the annual ritual of Feast of Feasts:

random witch_s01e07_praise satan

Silt silt, and she’s dead. CREDIT: Netflix

“Chapter Eight: The Burial” (S01E08)

When Aunt Zelda was happy for Father Blackwood:

aunt zelda_s01e08_praise satan.gif


“Chapter Nine: The Returned Man” (S01E09)

When the weird sisters were saying their nightly prayers:

weird sisters_s01e09_prayers.gif

“Praise Satan. Amen.” CREDIT: Netflix

“Chapter Ten: The Witching Hour” (S01E10)

When Father Blackwood was overjoyed about the birth of his son Judas:

warlocks_s01e10_hail judas, hail satan

“Hail Judas! Hail Satan!” CREDIT: Netflix

“Chapter Eleven: A Midwinter’s Tale” (S01E11)

When Aunt Zelda was glad that Susie was safe:

aunt zelda_s01e11_praise satan.gif

Thank you Satan for protecting dear Susie. CREDIT: Netflix

“Chapter Twelve: The Epiphany” (S02E01)

When Father Blackwood took the warlocks out for a night of celebration at Dorian’s Gray Room:

warlocks_s02e01_hail satan.gif

🍻 CREDIT: Netflix

“Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman” (S02E02)

When Aunt Hilda was thankful that Sabrina didn’t die from choking on an apple:

“Chapter Sixteen: Blackwood” (S02E05)

When Father Blackwood gathered the warlocks in Dorian’s Gray Room to mourn the death of warlock Lucas, and to preach his New Testament (The Five Facets of Judas):

When Father Blackwood was confiding with his baby Judas:

father blackwood_s02e05_hail satan.gif

“And tomorrow, there shall be glory.” CREDIT: Netflix

When Father Blackwood was adamant about a joint wedding and funeral:

father blackwood and warlocks_s02e05.gif

My reaction is Aunt Zelda’s reaction. CREDIT: Netflix

“Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries” (S02E06)

When Sabrina Spellman transformed into the Dark Lord’s sword and made the witch hunters say the words “Praise Satan”:

“Chapter Nineteen: The Mandrake” (S02E08)

When Father Blackwood was preaching about the Five Tenets of Judas:

father blackwood_s02e08_but praise satan.gif

😈 CREDIT: Netflix

“Chapter Twenty: The Mephisto Waltz” (S02E09)

When Father Blackwood told the coven that the Dark Lord gave him his Unholy blessing for the new Church of Judas:

When Father Blackwood made the entire coven partake in an Unholy Infernal Communion:

father blackwood_s02e09_hail satan.gif

🍷 CREDIT: Netflix

When the Dark Lord presented Sabrina as his firstborn—Proud Lady of Pandemonium, Maiden of Shadows and Queen of Hell:

To be continued…

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