Movie Review: Child’s Play (2019) 🔪⚙️

Did nobody give the people behind Child’s Play a heads up on Black Mirror’s Ashley O?


 Mark Hamill voices Chucky (left) and Gabriel Bateman stars as his owner Andy (right). CREDIT: Orion Pictures

This post for Child’s Play is spoiler-free.

Child’s Play (2019, directed by Lars Klevberg) brings back the iconic and terrifyingly sadistic companion doll Chucky (Mark Hamill) to the big screen. This time, the ginger-haired doll is upgraded to a smart doll that can sync up all your data through the Kaslan cloud, which is clearly a parody of the Apple iCloud or Google Sync.

This modern rebooted version of 1988’s Child’s Play follows the story of young mom Karen (Aubrey Plaza) and her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman), as they discover how a silly-looking doll can do more harm than good.

If there’s anything that Aubrey Plaza can’t do—it’s playing the role of a young mom. Her performance as Karen in Child’s Play was unconvincing and every time she said something nice it sounded like she was whining. I have nothing against Plaza, but she should definitely stick to doing more comedic roles as proven by her track record of making people laugh. I mean for goodness sake, her twitter handle is @evilhag. How is that not funny? 🤣

As for the kid who plays Andy, I guess he would be the standout of the movie. But given how poorly written the character is, I would give props to Bateman for portraying him. He was emotionally convincing throughout the movie and given the extreme situations that he was put in, it was unbelievable how he was not traumatised by the whole gory experience.

Lots of tears and blood were shed in this slasher movie and as I watched this movie, I realised that my fears of Chucky from when I was younger have disappeared as this new rendition of Chucky was ridiculously hideous. I think Child’s Play premiered a tad too late, as Black Mirror’s “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” episode from Season 5 definitely made the whole idea of a smart doll coming to life more novel. But Child’s Play is certainly created to entertain audiences, rather than make them reflect on the harsh reality of technology.

Additionally, given how short the runtime of Child’s Play is and how poorly written it is, I felt that the movie could have premiered on a streaming service, as this is definitely not a Halloween-level type of slasher movie comeback because there isn’t anyone like Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie to make the experience worthwhile.

Rating: 2/5

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